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Sunday, 8 December 2019

Ghostmoon - Bags Out of this Planet

Welcome to planet GHOSTMOON. The amazing super cool stylish totes that are eco friendly fun and above all functional. I mean it. Ghostmoon was created inspired by the words of  COMMANDER HALBERT DOOLEY who pleaded to all of us human beings living in this planet to be more conscious about the need to look after Earth our only planet that is screaming for help and we must start listening and we must start doing something about it. All of us, it is our responsibility, it is our duty to maintain and care for the future generations to enjoy it the same way we do. 


The Ghostmoon Philosophy has taken the challenge to start a movement by creating TOTE BAGSBACKPACKSJUTE BAGS and SHOULDER BAGS that are made with natural, organic and recycled materials. 

Plus when you purchase a stunning bag from Ghostmoon you can be assured that you are contributing to change the way we wear fashion. Because 10% of your purchase will go straight to ONE GREEN PLANET A platform that is teaching and encouraging all of us to have a minimum impact on the planet. Every decision we make even a small one can make a huge difference and together we can reverse global warming we can help this planet to become healthy again and we can be the impact and the change we want to see. 

Nothing like having so much fun saving the planet, being conscious about our impact as well as playing with fashion. Below there are three ways you can wear the SHOULDER BAG Here I photographed it in three different ways, however the way you can use it is endless because they clip, unclip, add straps, no straps so I will not give you any more ideas because I want you to play with it.

 The TOTE BAGS and the SHOULDER BAGS have zippers which I love. I don't have to worry about losing anything especially going to the gym, hiking, meeting with friends and so on. The size is perfect! You can fit a lot of items in them.

The BACKPACKS  do not have zippers but when you pull the strings they close tightly and nicely I love them for a day on the beach to hiking to gym and they allow me to be hands free. They come in a perfect size and the designs of every single bag are so much fun. 

This GHOSTMOON JUTE BAG will definitely be my number one go to bag for those casual looks that need a statement item to make any outfit an eye catcher. Who said they are only good for groceries shopping?  Well, I love mine and I will be taking it out with me everywhere. Love this bag.

So let's not forget when about to purchase an item that we need to think first on what we can do to use and reuse items that are focus on sustainable fashion. Because without our conscious actions today we may never have tomorrow.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend. 



Sunday, 22 September 2019

Stepping Back in Time with Kate Kasin

Let's rewind and time travel to over 100 years ago with the glitz and glamour of my SEXY SEQUIN DEEP V-NECK PARTY DRESS from KATE KASIN 

Over 100 years ago, sequin dresses were not yet something women would dream of wearing, however I decided to get in a time machine dressed in a beautiful sequin dress and take the glamour to a very different era where I managed to contrast the past with the lifestyle of the nowadays fashionistas. From the time of corsets which thanks to Coco Chanel we no longer are wearing as an everyday item, we women have come a long way and fought for our rights and freedom. We conquered the right to wear whatever we want and we no longer need to ride horses sitting with both legs to one side because we can wear pants. We have conquered so much, and yet we still need to continuously fight for our rights to be met, as we are not quite there yet. 

Also so many other things happened back then and "We are not in Kansas anymore" yes we are not. I am actually at The Bearded Dragon Hotel in Tambourine Mountain where I visited and in the 1900 The Magic of Oz book by L. Frank Baum was released. 

In 1918 the First World War ended. 

Birth control was a new topic.

In America The Prohibition took place and nobody could sell alcohol.

I am so glad that many of the changes are positive and we are now able to wear sequinned clothes. It just feels like we walk around being showered by diamonds. 

Ready to sparkle? Take the opportunity to get ready for the festive season that is fast approaching and get my dress HERE 

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the price after code:$18.99

Please feel free to add more facts to the changes we had in the last 100 years, I would love to read in the comments below. 

Have a wonderful week



Saturday, 14 September 2019

Celebrating Life and Happiness with GirlMerry

We should celebrate life everyday! With life comes little moments that are unforgettable and precious! Every step creates a path full of memories shaped by adventures! 

And speaking about happiness and celebration I would like to wish GIRLMERRY a big HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY! A wonderful online shop that has the most amazing WHOLESALE DRESSES and Cheap Sexy Dresses HERE that are going to make you look like a million dollar. 

Talking about a million dollar look, these swimsuits SWIMWEAR 1 and  SWIMWEAR 2 will do just that!

I celebrate every day the sunshine that warms my skin, that makes me feel alive! The cool water of  the endless blue sea that I am able to contemplate everyday. 

I am grateful to be able to freely explore natural surroundings that are gifts from heaven. Just like this beautiful location in Paradise Point on the Gold Coast, Qld - Australia. 

Understand the lows is a way to make us aware of how much we should appreciate the highs. 

Celebrate you because you are amazing in your own unique way. 

I celebrate the opportunity to be able to open my eyes every morning knowing that each day brings endless possibilities.

I am so grateful to be able to let go all the bad and the things that held me down and I am so happy that my future holds endless possibilities of fulfilment and happiness. I look forward to a future full of wonders.

I celebrate my health, my real wealth as it gives me wings to chase my wild dreams. 

I celebrate Spring, a season of blooming flowers that after a hard winter everything flourishes transforming nature into a real masterpiece. 

And speaking of masterpiece my GORGEOUS RED DRESS is nothing less than a product of Fashion Art at its best. Location 2 is the beautiful Harry Bond Park, Gold Coast, Qld - Australia.

I celebrate and I am grateful to have you my amazing readers that support me and read my articles and leave heart warming comments. THANK YOU!


Now it is your turn. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you celebrate, what makes you happy and feeling alive. 

Happy Spring/Autumn! 



Friday, 30 August 2019

I am Sharing my Secret!

Life is so busy and I am loving every minute of it however I need to make sure my energy levels are high and my health is excellent. How do I do that? It is almost impossible to eat everything our bodies need daily to maintain a good health, diet and exercise balance. I totally advise adding supplements to your daily health routine. One of my latest discovery is the world's first  Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy from GOLI NUTRITION

We all know Apple Cider Vinegar is great for you but let's be honest it tastes terrible. Well, the torture is over! The delicious Goli Apple Cider Vinegar Gummy is full of flavour, it is almost a party in your mouth. As soon as you put one in your mouth there is an explosion of delicious apple taste. The BENEFITS are great, these delicious are great for your HEART, COMPLEXITY, DETOX, WEIGHT LOSS and MAXIMISE ENERGY. Receive 5% Off your next purchase Use Code CRIS5.

There is so much more to Goli Apple Cider Gummies It has partnered with VITAMIN ANGELS  

For every sale generated, GOLI NUTRITION donate a 6 month supply of essential vitamins to a child in need! 

I also would like to add how important it is to eat well, exercise and live and active life. I always hear I do not like gym or I do not have the time. So here are some tips on how to exercise and have fun. Play hide and seek it is a lot of fun! Swings are great to get you moving and relax!

Climb a tree (Please be careful when doing any exercise only do it if it is 100% safe) The most important of all - HAVE FUN!

Please check the list below to compare the benefits of  GOLI APPLE CIDER VINEGAR GUMMY with the traditional Apple Cider Vinegar.

These amazing gummies are full of flavour and goodness. It is not just Apple Cider Vinegar it is also packed with additional super foods and vitamins. Such as beetroots, apples, pomegranates, vitamin B12, citric acid, vitamin B9 It is also allergen-free, vegan, gelatin-free, gluten free, no GMO, unfiltered and organic.

Now if you are ready to boost your health, do it now. Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today. Health is important! Get your delicious gummies HERE and please USE CODE CRIS5 to get your 5% off.

*Please consult your doctor before adding any supplement to your health routine.

Wishing you a happy healthy life. 



Goli Instagram:


Sunglasses: NEWCHIC


Friday, 16 August 2019

You are in Charge!

 Have you ever noticed how we live in a world of rules imposed by third parties and we need to follow them. Even my phone has been bossed me around lately telling me it is time to exercise when I come home late at night. Well, it is time to be in charge of your own life! Make your decisions and take action to be yourself. I found an amazing online store THE BOSS BEACH who encourages you to take action to express yourself through your own style. You choose what you wear according to your taste, not because someone is telling you to do so.

THE BOSS BEACH philosophy is "BE YOUR OWN BOSS" Use discount code: 10OFF50. This grants you $10 off for purchases of $50+ (not including shipping).

Be yourself. Do things you love. Follow your dreams. Be a free spirit. Dress like a Boss. My DRESS is a statement of power, confidence and beauty I dress according to what I feel. I love expressing myself through my style. 

A beautiful gown can truly uplift your spirit make you more confident and above all make you feel like a million dollars. At THE BOSS BEACH you get to look like a princess for very little. 

It is time to take charge of your own life. Feel good, look great and love the life you can design for yourself nothing feels better than loving every minute of a life that brings you strength, confidence and happiness. Elevate yourself to the highest level of love! Love your life, love yourself, love nothing less than love is where happiness lives. 

The decision is yours. Make sure every single one is made from your heart! 

Have a wonderful weekend!


Saturday, 3 August 2019

Lilacoco - The Power of Being You

Many times we do not realise how powerful we are. We can share our inner light and light up everywhere we go with deep luscious bright light that comes from within. 

My DRESS is a sparkly golden gown from LILACOCO
An affordable online store that cater for all styles and tastes. This dress is a dream, stylish and also of high quality. I absolutely loved it when I received it. 

Feed the light that can illuminate your path through security and like everything in life it is all reflected in this invisible field that attracts everything and whatever you give bounces back right at your own life. 

Give love, give kindness, give light and receive it all back in a much higher stronger level. 

And speaking of giving, here is a gift for you SHOP NOW and receive

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Feed the light within with peace, love, and confidence. 

Love yourself, respect yourself, care for yourself. Simple and yet so many times so difficult to do. 

The powerful voices in our head can lead us through darkness or through light. 

Shut all the negativity from your inner voice and speak over it with positive thoughts. 

Be aware of your thoughts and feed the thoughts that make you happy, in peace and you will feel invincible. 

Life will change you will attract what you think and what you wish. Close your eyes and wish only the best, only the most beautiful and only the  most precious wishes. 

Be the sun light, be bright, be brave, be strong and spread the gold beauty that comes from deep inside. 

Fight for your happiness. Surround yourself with people who genuinely love and appreciate you for all you are. 

Only those who smile when they see you and feel happy to be around you deserve your presence and your loyalty. 

When shadows and darkness surround you and try to put your light out, shine brighter and no darkness will prevail. 

You are gold, you are beautiful and only you know how to sparkle your own way, because everyone's sparkle is unique. Shine your way. Bring light to others. Be the star you were born to be. It is your happiness that counts and it is contagious. Spread it everywhere you go and lead the way to a world full of kindness and love. 

I hope your week is full of light and love.