Monday, 21 May 2018

Fashion in the Mountains

Happy New week babes,

This week I am in Lamington National Park where Australia World Heritage Gondwana Rainforest is located. 

I visited the area in style where I wore my stunning Obsidian Maxi Dress by designer Whitney Bisette from BELLABELLABOUTIQUE

Here you will discover a hidden world of luscious rainforest where ancient tall trees reside.  

I stopped at O'Reillys where there is an easy access to the Tree Top Walk. There you will walk on a bridge that is located above the ancient forest. This activity is free and fascinating. 

Here I am at the top of the steps 15 metre above ground you can reach higher and go up to 30 metre high but because of my dress and my gear I did not dare to go any further. The view from up here is amazing you will see forest, mountains and keep an eye for wild life too. 

The walk above the trees is fascinating. It is called the Booyong Walk where you can walk along a suspension bridge and enjoy nature from above and beyond. 

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Thank you for being here with me. Wishing you all a wonderful day!

xoxo Cris

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Location:         Lamington National Park

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Tuesday, 8 May 2018

Kookla Jewellery Giveaway

I lose myself in the simplicity of enjoying the beautiful things life has to offer. Feeling the light breeze that the ocean sends towards me as I contemplate the endless blue of sea and sky. 

I remember moments that made me happy in my life and those moments will be forever carried not just in my mind, but I will carry them for life close to my heart. From the inspiration of the blue ocean and sky this gorgeous set of Jewellery from Kookla Jewellery was created. Every item is handcrafted in Australia. Now this stunning set can be yours. I joined Kookla Jewellery to offer you the chance to win this set

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I hold tight to happy moments to allow full happiness consume every minute of my day. Love the simple things in life. Like a walk on the beach. These are timeless moments that never end.  Moments of simplicity and beauty. 

Your life is written by you, it is unique and precious. Do what makes you happy and cherish every minute because happy moments are like treasures worth keeping forever.

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Location: Palm Beach, Qld Australia

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Thursday, 26 April 2018

Sun Sand Sea

Hello gorgeous people,

As the end of the week approaches I thought about writing a reminder to live life to the fullest. Enjoying every moment to the maximum and remind that we need to be kind to one another but also to ourselves. Appreciate the beauty around us. And look after our amazing planet.

Here is an image of a boat approaching a safe harbour in Cairns Qld Australia. A gorgeous location close to the Great Barrier Reef the largest reef in the world. It is important to feel safe and be safe but it is also important to sail away and be out of our comfort zone to grow in many ways and levels.

I have done just that many times in my life. There is no option and no other way if you decide that your happiness and health are more important. We need to be strong and fight for what is right. We need to let go of people who makes us feel sad, unworthy and unappreciated. When we do that life changes, positive things start to happen and you feel happier no matter how hard it is. 

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Remember to breathe in hope and breathe out accomplishments. There are so many things to be grateful for even when times are tough. As I always say the difficult moments in life are not here to stay they are only temporary and they will go away and things will get better again. They are here to allow us to appreciate even more the good times. Photograph below of Point Danger NSW Australia a beautiful location right in the border of NSW and Qld. 

So here is my advice to you. Choose happiness above all. 

Have a wonderful weekend.

xoxo Cris

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Scarf: Cashmere Modal Scarf featuring Rottnest Island Photography Vida by PhotosbyCris

Photography: Photography

Location: Cairns Qld Australia 
                Point Danger NSW Australia

Model and Creative Content: Cris by PhotosbyCris

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Bella in Miami Beach

Hello my Beautiful Friends, 

I am today at the stunning Miami Beach located on the Gold Coast, Qld - Australia. The views here are amazing as this location offers so much as you can choose from swimming, walking on the beach or even walk in the park. 

I was able to have both sand and grass under my feet. Here I was just below Don MacSween Park which lies at one end of Miami beach and has easy accessible tracks for a relaxing walk. Wearing my gorgeous Kimono Gauze Romper from Bella Bella Boutique an item designed by Whitney Bissette 

From above I managed to photograph the beach and its earthy and ocean colours in their splendour. The waves kissing the gold sand while the rocks so perfectly positioned completed the harmonious view. Nothing like the giant beauty of nature to remind us that we are part of an ecosystem and we must respect everything on this planet in order to continue enjoying the gift of living. 

The Whitney Bissette Kimono Romper was a perfect match to the natural surrounds as it was inspired by the ocean breeze and it is also a piece of art in my opinion with bell sleeves and lace details. 

While in Miami Beach enjoy the view from the Scenic View Point, get ready to capture some stunning images and breathe in the fresh air. Feel the ocean breeze on your skin and enjoy every moment of peace. Love under the sun, free yourself in the breeze of the ocean and dive deep into your wild dreams. 

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Photography: PhotosbyCris 

Creative Content: PhotosbyCris

Model: Cris

Location: Miami Beach, Qld - Australia

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Sunday, 1 April 2018

Discover Duranbah Beach

Hi lovelies, 

This week I am in Duranbah Beach dressed on my super cute PINK DRESS from ROSEGAL Before I take you to discover this gorgeous piece of paradise let me talk about the dress which I fell in love with on the very first time I lay my eyes on it. Why? First because it is pink one of my favourite colours and the femininity of the design won my heart. The beautiful bow knot laces dropping on both sides of the arms are gorgeous details. It is strapless, sleeveless with lace embellishments. 

Duranbah Beach is the northernmost beach in New South Wales right in the border with Queensland. 

A walk on the beach is a great way to appreciate the beauty of this location. The ocean colours of blues and greens meeting the beautiful rocks that create perfect waves for surfers. 

This location is great for photography too. It is not a surprise to see photographers in the area trying to capture that special unique moment create by natural surroundings.

The beach offers 350 metres of smooth sand that gets embraced by the water. 

Not into surf? Find calm waters to lie down and cool down while relaxing. 

Explore the rocky area, just be careful not to cut your foot. I would advise sandals or any type of shoes to protect your feet. 

Also watch out for waves and enjoy this stunning location. 

The beach also has 200 m of vegetated dunes.

There are some amazing deal on Rosegal site. SHOP NOW

Wishing you all an amazing Easter. Full of peace, happiness and unforgettable moments. 

xoxo Cris

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Location: Duranbah Beach, NSW - Australia

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Thursday, 22 March 2018

Gamiss Show Stopper Outfit in Carrara

Hello gorgeous people!

Welcome to Carrara! I visited this suburb dressed in my gorgeous MESH INSERT FLORAL MAXI ROMPER  from GAMISS absolutely great for Spring and Summer fashion. It also comes in three different colours apricot, black and white. Super beautiful, stylish and comfortable. It is a show stopper and I am in love with it. 

Carrara is a suburb famous for its markets but to me, it is a escape to Italy. You read it right the Gold Coast has 400 km of canals yes just like Venice we have canals here and Carrara has the characteristics of Italy 

Gamiss Maxi Romper HERE

Carrara is a suburb famous for its markets and Carrara market is a must go destination while visiting the Gold Coast There you will find just about anything and it is a fun place to spend the day with endless attractions that you will love! 

The Gold Coast is mostly sunny all year round but on the day of this shooting the Gold Coast was not so gold but still stunning! Without the heavy dramatic clouds, the images here would not have the same visual impact. It is because of the darkness that I appreciate light. I learnt to look beyond it. 

GAMISS has a huge clearance at the moment, so do not waste another second and SHOP NOW!

Happy weekend to you all!

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Photography: PhotosbyCris

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Location: Carrara - Gold Coast, Qld Australia

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Monday, 5 March 2018

Snapper Rocks - What to wear

Hello gorgeous people,

Come with me to Snapper Rocks and I will show you one of the most beautiful beaches on the Gold Coast and what to wear. My beach look here is from ZAFUL This online store is one of my favourite online shops. Don't miss out on ZAFUL WOMEN'S DAY Check it out now for amazing offers.

Snapper Rocks is located on the Southern end of Rainbow Bay. The rocks and sand banks cause amazing waves and of course it is a popular spot for surfers. Make sure to wear a SWIMSWUIT, SUNGLASSES and I chose to go to the beach wearing this gorgeous pair of SHORTS as well. I find it easy to get in and out of beaches wearing more than just a bikini. That is just me, I feel more comfortable. Take this opportunity and check the WOMEN'S DAY SPECIAL

Snapper Rocks is not huge - only 300 m long, but it is really amazing. As you will see here the rocks are incredible and they just add so much to the visual impact of the beach. Get your cameras ready while here. This one is covered in barnacles. So impressive!

These mid waist lace up ripped DENIM SHORTS are not only gorgeous but so comfortable and stylish. Love the laces on each side. This Zaful SWIMWEAR is adorable. The details are so gorgeous. The petal halter makes it really special and the colours are perfect, one of my favourite colour combinations pink and grey. I added a special touch with my SUNGLASSES and my RING. 

I love how the rocks isolate certain areas and create some shallow pools of clear warmer water to rest and enjoy the sun. I have to stop here and say that  absolutely adore these shorts. 

Accessories are super important to add to any outfit. It makes it more beautiful and special. It helps with the look and I am so happy with my sunglasses. However, these sunglasses are sold out but no need to panic as Zaful has a gorgeous selection of sunglasses of all shapes and colours. Find full Zaful Sunglasses Collection HERE. I must talk about this stunning RING It is a faux crystal gem dragonfly oval ring in gold and pink. It complemented my outfit so beautifully. 


Have a wonderful week. I would love to know your thoughts on my beach look. 

xoxo Cris

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Sponsored post: ZAFUL
Photography: PhotosbyCris
Content Creator and model: Cris
Location: Snapper Rocks - Qld Australia