Friday, 7 June 2019

Kate Kasin Translates You

I love to express myself in many ways. As we know communication goes above and beyond words,  in fact when we think of sending a message it is what you are wearing that sends the first information of who you are, how you feel on that day and how people will define you instantly without a word being said. Keeping that in mind you must find your visual voice through your style and find the right brand to be that bridge between you and the message you want to convey. I found the brand that can do it all for you KATE KASIN

I love all that sparkles and glows. It was easy to find a dress that fits me and my personality so well. Although I am a shy person I love to  make an impression when comes to fashion. Not so shy on the outside it balances my inner self. This ROSE GOLD SEQUINED EVENING DRESS speaks a thousand words. 

The elegant and classic design has an edgy touch defined by the glittering sequins that shines and brightens the look. 

Perfect for a prom, romantic evening, weddings, the list is endless. 

The romantic look makes a great outfit for a special occasion. 

This dress will turn heads and make an unforgettable memory where beauty and simplicity with a touch of ultra elegance is added by the design, cut and material. 

If you think that a dress like this is unaffordable, well think again because Kate Kasin Online Store not only has a stunning collection but it also offers all items that are of high quality for a very affordable price. This stunning dress costs $48.82 However, it gets better, because I have a 
30% off price after code: $34.18 USE Promo code: EVENDINGDS Only for you! 

For those days where dress to impress is a must KATE KASIN is here to support you. With a gorgeous collection of casual, casual chic, Boho, sport, etc... You will be able to set the tone in any occasion. My BODYCON LAYERED SLEEVES means business. Love this look that can take me from a meeting to a cocktail with the girls or the boys, really totally up to you. Either way it will not disappoint. It is casual chic at its best. 

I added this stunning FLORAL RUFFLED COAT to make sure I am comfortable adding a touch of spring and beauty to the monochrome outfit. Now a different look yet adorable. 

I wore these kicky outfits on my visit to Ocean Shores in New South Wales - Australia. A place where I will revisit as I discover amazing locations that literally takes my breathe away. This hidden gem is found in Brunswick Valley. It is only half an hour to the popular Byron Bay however I believe this place has so much to offer. The views, the river, the beaches and the natural surroundings. I love the lifestyle around this whole area, full of free spirit people who come here to get close and personal with nature. Follow my Travel Diary daily on my INSTAGRAM

Have a wonderful weekend. So what look translates you? Let me know in your comments below. 


Friday, 24 May 2019

Kahuna - Get the Surf Look On and Off the Board

Nothing makes me more thrilled than being among natural surroundings. I pay respect and appreciation to our planet and to our nature. I believe that there is a higher connection between humans and everything that nature offers us. Similar beliefs can be seeing in many cultures, and as an example according to Wikipedia the Hawaiians in the past would pray to gods with the help of KAHUNA (priest) to deliver great surf. With the respect for the environment and a deep connection with the spirit of surf a brand was born - KAHUNA

KAHUNA is an online Surf Brand that creates apparel based on Surf History and has an incredible collection of  stylish HOODIES, awesome T-SHIRTS, cool HATS and so much more. You can now enjoy a stylish surf look and a 15% discount on any item Use Code 2MENN9D9 So please Get the KAHUNA LOOK today and dive in a world of adventures. Because this planet is too amazing to be unnoticed. 

Get the KAHUNA  Surf Look and enjoy life looking amazing on and off the board. 

Have an awesome day!


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Friday, 10 May 2019

Grayson Monáe Flats: Because looking and feeling gorgeous should never be uncomfortable!

Life is so beautiful and so challenging at times. We need to get ready everyday to chase our dreams because every step towards happiness counts. Dreams make who we are and achieving them fulfill our lives. Nothing is more important than never give up on what we believe and never ever think about not pursuing your most daring wishes. 

With Dream Chasers in mind BLUE DAISY by GRAYSON MONÁE was created! 

BLUE DAISY  are flats designed with Grayson Monáe's signature leather. When I received my flats I opened the box and I thought WOW! They are stunning! The beautiful blue colour and the hand embroidering with sparkling pearls make these flats more than just shoes. In my opinion they are ShoeArt! It does not end here, the soles are padded and I noticed it straight away when I put them on. The comfort they give is not comparable to any other flats I have owned. 

and receive 10% Discount Use Code INSTA10PC in any item.

 Get ready to live the life you deserve and look your best BECAUSE LOOKING AND FEELING GORGEOUS SHOULD NEVER BE UNCOMFORTABLE. Are you ready to conquer the world? So start here with the right pair of flats the BLUE DAISY by GRAYSON MONÁE 

 Use Code INSTA10PC

and get 10% discount in any item!

Have a wonderful day 

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Thursday, 11 April 2019

Breakfast in Bed

Good morning lovelies,

Who does not love breakfast in bed? Well, I certainly do! Morning routines are important to get the day right from the very moment we open our eyes. Nothing worse than waking up feeling terrible. It can make your entire day very hard to cope with. My advice here is that you should prepare your day the night before. Starting with the right choice of PYJAMAS I chose a gorgeous Eyelash Lace Insert Leopard Cami Top and Shorts from SHEIN It is not only gorgeous but the stretchy fabric is just so comfortable. Comfort while sleeping is a must.

I also love how fashionable it is and you can also match bras or full lingerie set similar HERE with the hottest trendy at the moment - animal prints.

Now you wake up feeling and looking amazing it is time to have breakfast. I cannot start my day without breakfast I wake up feeling hungry. It is the time of the day I eat the most and I am glad because it give me the energy boost I need and allow me to burn it throughout the day. I cannot function well without breakfast and you should not skip breakfast, in fact eating throughout the day small amounts of food, but frequently helps your metabolism. So try to incorporate it to your daily routine and make good choices on what you are eating. Trust me you will not feel hungry, you will feel great and your body will thank you.

Do you like eating breakfast? What is your morning routine like? Please feel free to add any tips in the comments below. I am looking forward to reading them. Have a wonderful day! 


Friday, 29 March 2019

S&B - A Brand with a Heart

We live in a world of free self expression and I love that we are able to communicate in so many ways. Many times we communicate without words, through our body language, a look or even a smile. Now it is time to bring the self expression to a total different level. Communicate straight away what you are feeling even before you engage in any body language or words. How? Wear it! That is right! Let the fun and super beautiful  S&B T-Shirts and Hoodies  do this for you! This Emoji 
T-shirt online store definitely captured my heart. With amazing designs offering a huge selection of heart shape emojis to choose from. You can also choose your own emoji and personalise your tee. 

Wear a design that is made for you with you in mind all the way.

When I say that S&B T-Shirts and Hoodies has a heart I mean it! When you buy an item 1 Euro is donated to WWF (World Wild Life Fund - Endangered Species Conservation). You are not only going to wear the cutest tees and hoodies, but you will wear it with pride knowing that part of your money will go towards a cause that we all need to support in order to preserve and protect our nature.

The selection of tees and hoodies are for men and women of all ages and sizes. Also all items are made with Bio-Cotton which means cotton that is grown with no chemicals, therefore keeping the soil fertile, water clean and farmers in their jobs. 

Now it is time to wear the most fun casual look from S&B T-shirts and hoodies

Do not waste another minute and check all collections HERE

From the bottom of my heart I wish you all an incredible week ahead. 


Cris Santos

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Maxim Cover Girl - A Contest with a cause


It is Maxim CoverGirl Time! I have been selected to enter this contest. Now I NEED YOU to help me to get there. It just takes a minute to vote and it is free. Please VOTE HERE to help me if you can. You can vote a free vote daily. Your vote means a lot to me.

This contest is more than becoming the next Cover Girl which I NEED YOUR VOTE  to achieve but it is also a great way to support the K2 FOUNDATION. K2 helps people with disabilities to live the lives they want by supporting them and helping them overcome whatever obstacles to achieve their dreams.  To help the K2 FOUNDATION CLICK HERE 





Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The Ruby Collection - Luxury Holiday Apartments on the Gold Coast

Welcome to the Ruby Collection Luxury Holiday Apartments on the Gold Coast, Qld - Australia. 

I would love to share with you my honest #hotelreview of this brand new luxury apartments resort style right here in the heart of the Gold Coast - Surfers Paradise. My experience was a delight not only because of the amenities it offers but also because of the friendly atmosphere and staff that were always happy to help which made me feel at home.

The pool area is amazing and I love the fact that they also have a water park for the little ones. So parents can relax at the pool knowing the kids are having a lot of fun at the waterpark. 

After a wonderful night I woke up to this view. I have to say the sea view apartment has one of the best views of the Gold Coast. The sea, the canals, and so much more. 

 Before a delicious breakfast at the buffet I enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee in my room and having the city of the Gold Coast at my feet was absolutely amazing. 

Day two I made sure to start the day at the pool as the sun shone on the calm clear blue water and nothing like enjoying the sun lights and getting a boost of vitamin D straight away in the morning. The pool was at perfect temperature. 

In the afternoon I enjoyed a wonderful cocktail by the pool. The Ruby Collection Apartments offers a variety of activities throughout the day. Remember to get your program at the reception to see what is happening during your stay. 

The  hotel also offers a fully equipped gym, steam room and sauna.  

The apartment's rooms are spacious and comfortable and you can access free WIFI.   

As the night falls, the lights of the iconic Surfers Paradise buildings light up a dreamy view as it welcomes the evening that is just about to start.

Good night everyone. 


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