Thursday, 11 April 2019

Breakfast in Bed

Good morning lovelies,

Who does not love breakfast in bed? Well, I certainly do! Morning routines are important to get the day right from the very moment we open our eyes. Nothing worse than waking up feeling terrible. It can make your entire day very hard to cope with. My advice here is that you should prepare your day the night before. Starting with the right choice of PYJAMAS I chose a gorgeous Eyelash Lace Insert Leopard Cami Top and Shorts from SHEIN It is not only gorgeous but the stretchy fabric is just so comfortable. Comfort while sleeping is a must.

I also love how fashionable it is and you can also match bras or full lingerie set similar HERE with the hottest trendy at the moment - animal prints.

Now you wake up feeling and looking amazing it is time to have breakfast. I cannot start my day without breakfast I wake up feeling hungry. It is the time of the day I eat the most and I am glad because it give me the energy boost I need and allow me to burn it throughout the day. I cannot function well without breakfast and you should not skip breakfast, in fact eating throughout the day small amounts of food, but frequently helps your metabolism. So try to incorporate it to your daily routine and make good choices on what you are eating. Trust me you will not feel hungry, you will feel great and your body will thank you.

Do you like eating breakfast? What is your morning routine like? Please feel free to add any tips in the comments below. I am looking forward to reading them. Have a wonderful day! 


Friday, 29 March 2019

S&B - A Brand with a Heart

We live in a world of free self expression and I love that we are able to communicate in so many ways. Many times we communicate without words, through our body language, a look or even a smile. Now it is time to bring the self expression to a total different level. Communicate straight away what you are feeling even before you engage in any body language or words. How? Wear it! That is right! Let the fun and super beautiful  S&B T-Shirts and Hoodies  do this for you! This Emoji 
T-shirt online store definitely captured my heart. With amazing designs offering a huge selection of heart shape emojis to choose from. You can also choose your own emoji and personalise your tee. 

Wear a design that is made for you with you in mind all the way.

When I say that S&B T-Shirts and Hoodies has a heart I mean it! When you buy an item 1 Euro is donated to WWF (World Wild Life Fund - Endangered Species Conservation). You are not only going to wear the cutest tees and hoodies, but you will wear it with pride knowing that part of your money will go towards a cause that we all need to support in order to preserve and protect our nature.

The selection of tees and hoodies are for men and women of all ages and sizes. Also all items are made with Bio-Cotton which means cotton that is grown with no chemicals, therefore keeping the soil fertile, water clean and farmers in their jobs. 

Now it is time to wear the most fun casual look from S&B T-shirts and hoodies

Do not waste another minute and check all collections HERE

From the bottom of my heart I wish you all an incredible week ahead. 


Cris Santos

Thursday, 21 March 2019

Maxim Cover Girl - A Contest with a cause


It is Maxim CoverGirl Time! I have been selected to enter this contest. Now I NEED YOU to help me to get there. It just takes a minute to vote and it is free. Please VOTE HERE to help me if you can. You can vote a free vote daily. Your vote means a lot to me.

This contest is more than becoming the next Cover Girl which I NEED YOUR VOTE  to achieve but it is also a great way to support the K2 FOUNDATION. K2 helps people with disabilities to live the lives they want by supporting them and helping them overcome whatever obstacles to achieve their dreams.  To help the K2 FOUNDATION CLICK HERE 





Wednesday, 27 February 2019

The Ruby Collection - Luxury Holiday Apartments on the Gold Coast

Welcome to the Ruby Collection Luxury Holiday Apartments on the Gold Coast, Qld - Australia. 

I would love to share with you my honest #hotelreview of this brand new luxury apartments resort style right here in the heart of the Gold Coast - Surfers Paradise. My experience was a delight not only because of the amenities it offers but also because of the friendly atmosphere and staff that were always happy to help which made me feel at home.

The pool area is amazing and I love the fact that they also have a water park for the little ones. So parents can relax at the pool knowing the kids are having a lot of fun at the waterpark. 

After a wonderful night I woke up to this view. I have to say the sea view apartment has one of the best views of the Gold Coast. The sea, the canals, and so much more. 

 Before a delicious breakfast at the buffet I enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee in my room and having the city of the Gold Coast at my feet was absolutely amazing. 

Day two I made sure to start the day at the pool as the sun shone on the calm clear blue water and nothing like enjoying the sun lights and getting a boost of vitamin D straight away in the morning. The pool was at perfect temperature. 

In the afternoon I enjoyed a wonderful cocktail by the pool. The Ruby Collection Apartments offers a variety of activities throughout the day. Remember to get your program at the reception to see what is happening during your stay. 

The  hotel also offers a fully equipped gym, steam room and sauna.  

The apartment's rooms are spacious and comfortable and you can access free WIFI.   

As the night falls, the lights of the iconic Surfers Paradise buildings light up a dreamy view as it welcomes the evening that is just about to start.

Good night everyone. 


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Monday, 11 February 2019

Breathe In Breathe Out

Happy week loves, 

How are you today? I am back with an amazing powered by inner strength post. As soon as the new year starts we have a list of goals that we want to accomplish. I decided not to write them down as life goals seem to take control over my predictions. However, one thing I have control of and will not let it go that easy is my exercise routines. Before continue, let's talk about active wear. It is important to wear something comfortable and appropriate to complete the exercise of your choice. If you are looking for something different and can't find active wear that you love and makes you feel wonderful I can help you with that. Please check my FITNESS SIGNATURE COLLECTION  by PhotosbyCris Designs. 

Now here are some tips on how to make an active life work for you. 

1. Start with a 5 minute workout a day. I know it sounds little but something is better than nothing. I started just like that and then slowly increase to 10 min and so on. Now I exercise around 1 and a half hour every day. How? I started with 5 min. Then my body became stronger and I love it.

2. Start today! Not tomorrow not after Valentines Day! TODAY!

3. Find the exercise you love. Don't turn exercise into a torture activity. Look for what you love. Yoga? Running? The options are endless, try them all and see what works for you. 

4. Workout is addictive. Trust me. That is an addiction that I do not want rehabilitation for. I love it and as my body gets stronger I love even more.

5. Make sure you stretch before and after exercising. Find a good teacher and drink plenty of water. Consult your doctor before trying anything. Make sure it is safe and you can handle it. Enjoy!

Wishing you all an amazing week ahead and let me know what type of exercise you practice below.

                                            Happy Valentines day to you all. Lots of LOVE.



Tuesday, 15 January 2019

My holiday style with ROSEGAL

 Hello gorgeous, 

I am so excited to share with you my ROSEGAL Holiday Look! From my sparkling mini dress to amazing swimsuits! This year the festive season was bright and sparkly just the way I love! I am so glad the sequins trendy is here and I made sure to have a few new pieces of indulgence of this trendy. I found this super gorgeous Gradient Sequins Sexy Straps Nightclub Jumpsuit Skirt 
the A-Line design with the gradient black and white tones adding the shiny sequins and the simple cut that was simply a perfect combination for this jumpsuit skirt. 

 Definitely no need to add too many statement accessories, so I chose a few classic items in that way I did not have a look that would clash or be over styled. I took a stroll in the park an afternoon. I love how this dress can be worn in the afternoon, perfect for happy hours and on an outing with friends and it can take you all the way into a party in the evening. 

I chose to photograph Clear River Boulevard, a beautiful park on the Gold Coast, QLD Australia. If you follow my INSTAGRAM  you would have seen the video of this area in my stories. 

A stroll in the park is an excellent option to unwind, listen to your heart and translate the whispers of your soul, find inner peace and connect with nature by disconnecting with everything else that is going on in your life. Such a great way to recharge your energy and just live the moment. 

I have a super discount for you  Use code RGNancy and receive 12% off your next purchase. Hurry this offer is not to be missed. 

From a beautiful park to the stunning Dreamtime Beach in NSW. Dreamtime is an aboriginal name and it is the land of the Minjungbal people. It is located in the Southern part of  Fingal Head, 45 min from the Gold Coast . This beach is not very well known and this is what I love about it, because I love going to a beach that is not over crowded and the feeling of being in a desert island is truly wonderful. 

Now let me talk about my Stylish Black Halter Cut Out Bikini  Love the design, the colour and everything about it. It is stylish and beautiful, the details and the colour really got me. Again, not much addition needed to create a incredible look with this swimwear because it is eye catching on its own. 


And that is how I decided to enter 2019! My way! Soaking up all nature's energy and finding myself by getting lost in paradise. 

My second beach look it is a Sexy Strapless Color Block Underwire Bikini Set If you have followed my blog for a while you would have notice that I love details and colours. From swimsuit to outfits. This bikini got me, it was love at first sight. Seriously gorgeous cut, design and a combination of colours that scream summer, sand, sun and sea. 

I love soaking up as much energy from sunshine and beach vibes as I can. And Dreamtime beach is truly a dream. 

Make sure to once in a while pack all the bad feelings away, even when it is hard to do so and focus on the amazing things in your life. See the good, the happy moments, your health, the people you love and the people who love you. There is so much to be grateful for so focus on the positive as much as you can.  

My last stop and look of the day was to continue my walk from Dreamtime beach and reach Fingal Head. Although Fingal Head is in New South Wales, I chose to shine this gorgeous area with a Stylish Faux-leather one piece gold swimsuit. Unfortunately this item is sold out but do not worry, I found this Backless High Cut One Piece Swimwear very similar to the one I am wearing here. This one-piece swimwear is absolutely perfect with a classic cut and the addition of a shiny gold colour is all you need! Not much need to be said about it as the look speaks for itself. 

Fingal Head is amazing however I would like to raise #awareness that this area on the Tweed Coast has an endangered #littoralforest This type of rainforest grows close to the beach and it is almost extinct in Australia! Saying that I want to scream #savetherainforest of the world. It is our responsibility! Behind me you find Cook Island, an aquatic reserve. The name of the Island was given after Captain Cook who sailed these waters in 1770. The fascinating rock formation is due to an extinct volcanic activity in the area. The rock formation is incredible  making Fingal Head an very popular natural attraction and the charming lighthouse in the area also makes this area so enchanting. 

Thank you for being here with me. I totally advise you to take advantage of ROSEGAL offer and go on a Rosegal Crazy Shopping Day! 25% OFF With Coupon:RGBF1 

Have a wonderful week. 

xoxo Cris

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Tuesday, 1 January 2019

eShakti Designed with Love Customized by You

Happy New Year gorgeous, 

I hope you had an amazing festive season and I am back after moving houses just before Christmas and full of positive vibes for 2019! If you follow my INSTAGRAM you saw all about my moving houses exerience in my stories, from looking for a place to actually moving in and settling in. As I was moving and settling in my new place I found this amazing online store called eSHAKTI I was looking for a beautiful dress to spend the festive season and holidays and I found it! Do you know what is even more special about this online store? They design and YOU CUSTOMISE it! That is right you read it right.

I found it so much fun to get online, pick the dress I wanted and add the features I wanted. Now this is my dress made for me, customised by me and it came just like I wanted. eSHAKTI is the only online women's fashion store that offers custom apparel.

Another amazing surprise was the quality of this garment. The material is of high quality and the colours are so beautiful as well as the pattern of my choice. Receiving such an amazing dress made me have a break from the crazy pace I was going with moving and Christmas preparation.

I had such a great time visiting Fingal Head in New South Wales, this area is not to be missed. 

When you first arrive you have to walk in the coastal rainforest to get to the head. 

I could not have chosen a better dress it was light, elegant and perfect for the location. 

I also wore it as a cover up as I was heading to the beach. My eShakti  maxi dress was simply perfect as a cover up. Love the versatility of it. 

This is Dreamtime beach. This name is linked to the aboriginal people's belief and here is the land of the Minjungbal people.

                Dreamtime Beach is located on the southern part of the Fingal Head in New South Wales.

It is a 45 minute drive from the Gold Coast. 

What I love about here is that is not very well known so I got the chance to enjoyed it. It is not over crowded. Actually there were only a few people there.

I love the feeling of being in a desert island. Although I was not far away from the city. 

Visit eShakti now and start designing your dream garment! Right now there is a sale 50% off on selected items Click HERE Limited time only!

Wishing you all a wonderful 2019 full of amazing memories, happiness, peace, love, health and may all your wishes come true!


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