Monday, 10 September 2018

Photographing at Nobby Beach

Happy New Week from Nobby Beach

I would like to share with you this photoshoot. I chose this beautiful location called Nobby Beach where you can find out more about below because first let's talk about my gorgeous swimwear from CHOIES I love the way this swimsuit fits plus the stunning cut out details make it so special. This white plunge swimwear will be a sensational piece for your next sea escape.  


Nobby Beach is a Gold Coast trendy beach surrounded by cafes, restaurants and boutiques. The beach itself has a beautiful mix of vegetation and gold sand follow by a pristine blue sea water. The blue sky above me was perfect on this day. 

Now let's talk about Passions. I have  many passions in my life, however my very first passion in life was Photography. When I was 4 years old I remember being fascinated by cameras. I used to be in front cameras for many years while modelling until I found myself behind it and I discovered a whole new world.

Nobby Beach has a unique appearance with green and gold visibly clashing. The visual impact is instant and the contrasts among blue, gold and green completes the natural art of the landscape.

People often ask how I got into Photography. As soon as my novel One Way Trip was released I started taking landscape photos to prepare a book trailer and I fell in love with it and I have not stopped since. Become a writer was a dream that turned into passion.

Choies Swimsuit / Sunglasses Similar HERE

Here in Nobby Beach you will find a variety of activities to enjoy such as swim, surf, dine, shop, relax, ride a bike, have a picnic with friends, or even cook a barbeque. A perfect location to enjoy the Australian lifestyle.

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice and above all don't let anyone limit your dreams - Donovan Bailey And this is what I had to do. Trust me follow your heart so you don't lose yourself. And because we are talking about dreams I will share with you another dream that turned into passion that turned into work My Signature Collection that you can find in 
PhotosbyCris Designs  where I design fashion and home d├ęcor with my photography This beautiful 

Cashmere Modal Scarf will add a touch of luxury and modern elegance to your wardrobe.


Moogerah By Photosbycris

Designed By: Photosbycris Designs   |  Australia

What is your passion?



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Friday, 31 August 2018

My Life. My Style. My Adventure.

Hi Everyone,

How have you all been? I hope you are all having an amazing week!

I am so excited to be able to share with you a great online store GIO1998 It has an amazing range of items for men and women. They have beautiful collections and you must check them all out! There you will find beautiful t-shirts, hats, hoodies, bags, polos and much more.

I am also delighted to write about this photoshoot with you that I decided to do underwater. I am wearing ALIVE T-SHIRT which inspired me to get in the water. Why? Because there is no life without water. And when I put it on, I felt my spirit of adventure running through my body and I could not resist but jump in freezing cold water in winter. It definitely made me feel alive. 

This t-shirt is an item from the EXPLODE COLLECTION It also has the word LEVIA which means "join" in Hebrew. So Join GIO1998 and feel Alive! 

Visit GIO1998 now to see a range of collections!

What makes you feel alive? 

Have an awesome week!

xoxo Cris 

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Hipsiti - Your One Stop City Stay Guide

Hello to you all,

Are you ready to submerge yourself in a world where adventure and magic come together? Think about the possibilities of discovering new lands and diving into the unknown of a new destination. Well, it is the most exciting moment of our lives when we travel and live an explorer's journey. Travel is exciting, however sometimes we find ourselves lost contemplating so many options, facing unpredictability, making decisions on destinations that we hardly know about, the uncertainty of what to expect, how to plan a trip, all of this can be very confusing and you just wish you could have a private guide to take you all the way through the perfect location.

Guess what? Now you can have your own private city stay guide at the tip of your fingers, because I found just the right place for you to go to and you can put a full stop to your doubts.

HIPSITI is an online site where you can look for cities that have been ranked by real travellers. Real people who have been to real locations and they are there to help you to choose and understand what the destination of your dreams is really all about.

                                                                                                                             Melbourne - Australia

Search by countries or cities, see the rates and if you know exactly what you want just use the search tool, type the name of the location and you will be taken straight to your desired destination.

Let Noah HIPSITI's giraffe be your guide, simply because this logo identifies what Hipsiti is all about. The giraffe is an animal that can reach higher therefore watches over everything, it can see from a vantage point, notice that it is wearing glasses to make sure nothing is missed and everything analysed in a very cool and hip way. 

                                                                                                           The Brooklyn Bridge - New York

So if you ever feel lost do not forget to look for Noah, Hipisiti's giraffe guide, and you will find yourself back on track. Only Hipsiti can do that for you. 

Make sure to check HIPSITI HERE and turn this site into your best friend because as a traveller it is good to know you can rely on the best guide out there. 

                                                                                                                                      Paris - France

You can also rate places that you have visited. Consider yourself a pretty good photographer, then why not share your view of the world with the others in the Hipsiti community. Upload up to three of your favourite photos for each city you have travelled to. Join Hipsiti today and start rating cities for a chance to WIN  a Canon Selphy 1300. Create your personal HIPSITI profile for a chance to WIN HERE

Also, while there do not forget to check HIPSITI'S BLOG. This month's article has amazing tips on eco-friendly travel, helping us understand what we can do to minimize our impact on this beautiful planet and reminding us that just by adopting simple habits it can make a huge difference.

Plus if you have any tips on how to minimize out footprint feel free to reach out to Hipsiti and have your say on

All photography used on this post by PHOTOSBYCRIS

Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Broadbeach In Style

Hello to you all and welcome to Broadbeach! 

Broadbeach is an area where you can experience amazing shopping just across where I am there is a huge shopping Centre called Pacific Fair, this area has great restaurants, hotels, entertainment and of course the beach. 

Coat Similar HERE  /  Boots Similar HERE  /  Bag SHEIN  /  Sunglasses similar HERE

While in Broadbeach do not forget to visit the Carousel which is 120 years old. It is absolutely beautiful and so much fun for people of all ages. 

While here between June and November we have some amazing visitors - The whales! They are around this time of the year and they have been seeing showing off like never before this year.
Enjoy patrolled beaches and make sure to swim between the flags. It is really important to be safe while swimming in the ocean. So follow the rules and have fun!

Parks and street markets can also be found in Broadbeach and don't forget the events calendar and find out what is happening at the Convention and Exhibition Centre that is also located here. 

Be ready to spend the day here and the evening too because Broadbeach is famous for its vibrant nightlife as it is surrounded by restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs.

I hope you have an amazing fun week!

xoxo Cris


Saturday, 28 July 2018

Broadwater Parkland

Welcome to Broadwater Parklands, 

My day out here was full of warm sun and beautiful blue skies decorated with soft whipped cream clouds. Broadwater Parkland is located in Southport - Gold Coast Australia. This area offers a huge open park where major events are held and also exercise areas, playground, picnic and barbeque facilities. All provided along the water and amazing views. 

To spend a day out in a very mild winter day on the Gold Coast I chose a beautiful and comfortable suit all white. Monochrome fashion is still going strong and I love all white suits to give an air of class and sophistication without being over dressed. This is definitely a day to office to evening outfit. Ready for any occasion really. 





Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Glamour in the Park

Hello gorgeous,

Although it is winter in Australia the Gold Coast is a tropical city. This year our winter has been mild with very few cold days. One afternoon was cool so I took the opportunity to wear this beautiful coat from GAMISS It is one of the most gorgeous hooded faux fur coats I have ever seen. I love it! Perfect for autumn and winter. I chose white boots to wear with it. Find a collection of white boots HERE

The location I visited was the beautiful Albert Park surrounded by luscious vegetation, tall trees, flowers and wild life. Here is also a great area for a walk. Love the view of the lake. Across where I am you will see some of the iconic Surfers Paradise buildings.

My beautiful sunglasses are from POPPY APPAREL Get 10% off any item Use code
POPPYPHOTOSBYCRIS The sunglasses I am wearing right now have UV400 protection. 

Have a wonderful day today!

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Wednesday, 4 July 2018

Zaful Three Outfits Three Locations

Hello my beautiful friends, 

Winter days on the Gold Coast are full of warm sunny days, fine gold sand and beautiful gold sunshine. I am glad that I am still able to enjoy the beach wearing some amazing swimsuits from ZAFUL 

I have received stunning items from my previous collaboration with Zaful and I could not wait to showcase them here. I went to three different locations to photograph them. First stop, nothing less than the popular Surfers Paradise. I chose this stunning white SWIMWEAR with long sleeve for the cooler winter days, although sunny the sea can bring a cool breeze plus it is extra protection against the sun. The frayed hem off shoulder make this swimsuit super cute. The SUNGLASSES that I am wearing are anti fatigue and have a carved flower on the sides and has anti UV, UVB and UVA rays protection. Let's not forget that they are super elegant too. So you cannot go wrong with them.

Surfers Paradise is a tourist attraction, the most popular beach among the tourists due to the endless attractions that surround the area. The accommodations with beach views, the beach itself that stretches for 3 km so it is definitely a great place to walk and it is free. However, while here don't forget to check endless entertainment venues, restaurants, shopping centres, and much more.

Come for the day and enjoy!

Here I am wearing the  most popular swimsuit out of my wish list selection. The POLKA DOT BANDEAU BIKINI SET You voted you got it. It is clearly super trendy, the colour is perfect and my SUNGLASSES are perfect accessories to match my style. Sunglasses are the most fun accessory of the moment as the trend varies from shapes, sizes and colours so make the most out of it and have a lot of fun. 

The location I chose was Palm Beach Pirate Treasure Island behind this beautiful quiet location there is a Large Pirate Ship, playground and picnic area. Also a favourite spot for dog owners. This are is for the whole family.

My third and last location is Carrara. Here you will find theme areas such as Italian and Parisian. I find a great and beautiful location to escape. I miss Europe so nothing like coming here and remember the days I lived and visited amazing countries there. I chose this gorgeous champagne colour dress from Zaful, however it is sold out. Do not worry because Zaful has a very similar one HERE

Do not miss out on amazing discounts SHOP NOW

Use code ZFMine and Save!

Please let me know what outfit is your favourite and what location you like the most. 

Have an amazing week 

xoxo Cris

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Thursday, 21 June 2018

The World of Vintage Shades

Visual followed by a touch can awake a world of feelings.


Explore unique handcrafted high quality cashmere items adorned with the touch of luxury such as fur, Swarovski crystals, lace and hand paint.

Handcrafted in traditional weaving with attention to detail and quality. Transforming Cashmere into Work of Art.

Expect nothing less than excellence in luxurious wraps, ponchos and blankets.

Style and elegance translates VINTAGE SHADES

                                                                                                    CASHMERE SCARF WITH FUR

 Extra long Cashmere Scarf with Swarovski and Hand-paint

Visit VINTAGE SHADES to explore full collection. 

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Thursday, 14 June 2018

Sunglasses from Zaful

Hello my beautiful friends, 

Today I bring to you my Sunglasses Wishlist from one of my favourite online stores ZAFUL. Let’s face sunglasses season is all year round because we need to protect our eyes, however the sunglasses trend summer 2018 is insane. There are shapes, colours and sizes for every taste.
So, take advantage of ZAFUL 4TH ANNIVERSARY SALES to buy a few pairs. Yes, I said a few not one but multiple pairs because the prices are amazing!

Below is my wishlist:

Anti UV Semi-RimlessDecoration Square Sunglasses – Red, when I put my eyes on this pair of glasses I just fell in love with it. The style,the size and the colours are eye catching without being too much. To me just perfect in size, colour combination and material. It is all about the details and this pair is not short of it. Love it!

Anti UV Rimless PearlButterfly Sunglasses - Gold Frame + Orange Lens, another pair that I could not resist to dream about is this butterfly shape lenses with gold frame and orange lens. Size + Shape + colours = so much style. This one is my favourite, however they come in 9 different colours, well if you cannot decide just buy all of them.

Chunky Full Frame PlasticSunglasses - Tea-colored As I said there is a pair for everyone if you prefer a more classic model and still be super fashionable why not go for a stylish pair just like this one. Love the colour, the model and the size. Simply perfect!

Stylish Full Frame Sun ShadesSunglasses - Bright Red The most popular trend of the season is the cat eyes sunglasses, these ones are in red oh my goodness what is not to like about them. Also come in various colours.

 Anti-fatigue Full Frame Sun Shades Sunglasses- Bright Black+grey another cat eyes model in smaller frame and black. However, visit the store because they come in 6 different colours.

Visit Zaful now and take advantage of the 4th ANNIVERSARY PROMOTION. Use surprise code ZFMine to receive an amazing discount. 

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