Friday, 27 October 2017


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Today I am here to talk about


If you have not heard about it yet, keep on reading to find out more about this amazing Influencer Marketing Platform where you can connect with brands from all over the world. All done online! So all you have to do is grab a cup of coffee and relax.

Here is how it works:

Register to the platform, create a profile and you are set to shine.

From here all you need is to do is browse the campaigns and bid for the ones that match your niche.

Now an important point here is that it is FREE! However, you can choose different accounts to suit your needs and your budget. Browse campaigns any time you want and whenever you want. In that way, you will gain time as you will have several campaigns to choose from all in one platform. So you can enjoy the things you love to do in life. 

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Have a lovely weekend. 

xoxo Cris

Monday, 23 October 2017

At the Beach with Rosegal

Last week I found this beautiful secluded beach called Bayview. I fell in love with it in the same way that I fell in love with my new dress and towel from Rosegal. 

This Lace Trim Cold Shoulder Shift Dress is perfect for the beach as well as a perfect outfit for casual occasions. 

This dress is comfortable and light and has so much to offer. I also loved my Mandala Print Round Fringe Beach Towel You can find it HERE

I was truly happy with both items. They will be used throughout spring and summer over and over again. The Beach Towel is also perfect for picnics and parks as well as beaches.

The dress gave me so much freedom. I jumped, ran, sat down and played in the sand.

The Azure Mandala Print Round Fringe Beach Towel was bigger that I thought it would be, I was amazed as it was perfect to lie down on it. The design and colours are stunning.  

The details on the dress make it so unique. The lace on the sleeves, the fringe hem and the design all come together in perfect harmony and beauty.

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts. 

Have a lovely day 
xoxo Cris

Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Zaful Embroidery Wishlist

This year the embroidery fashion trend swoop us all off our feet! 

As I was looking at embroidered items in ZAFUL  online store, I felt the need to share with you their amazing collection. They have a wide variety of stunning embroidered items.  No matter what season you are right now, you will find everything you want and need there. Get 10% off your next purchase Use code ZFEN

The design of these pair of shorts is absolutely amazing! The attention to details make them such a unique item, embroidery, high waist, beautiful colours, floral and bowknot. All perfectly placed in harmony, bringing you an exquisite pair of shorts. All you have to do is to add a few accessories and you are ready to shine. You can get them HERE

Denim dress. What a dream! I love the style of this A-line dress. It is perfect for a stunning casual look! Denim has never been so feminine and the embroidery adds that special touch to it. It is now available HERE

When I saw this bag I fell in love with it! The details, the colour, the beauty, and the list goes on. Who does not love bags? Especially gorgeous ones like this one with rhinestones. Accessorize any outfit with this bag and believe me you are sure to make an impression. Get it HERE

Boots are absolutely the shoes of the moment! I love them and I love them even more embroidered. Wear them with skirts, trousers, shorts and you will look fabulous. Floral embroidered boots are what you need to take this season by storm. Available HERE

Biker jacket like I have never seen before. The delicate embroidery gives this jacket so much sophistication. It is embroidered front and back, so you will make an impression from every angle. The belt is a beautiful addition to this faux leather jacket and it will make you look even more fantastic. You can get it HERE 

Embroidered high waist mesh skirt. Look like a ballerina and feel pretty! I love this skirt. Black with red embroidery under a see through layer, makes it intriguing and fun. Wear it day or night! You can find it HERE

This tube mini dress is a show stopper. Strapless, sleeveless, floral and stunning. The vivid colours and the design are fascinating. Perfect for spring or summer! Easy to style, all you have to do is to add your personal touch. Available HERE

What do you think about my embroidery selection? 

Have a lovely weekend. 

xoxo Cris

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Discovering Pizzey Park

Welcome to Pizzey Park! A park located in Miami Gold Coast - QLD Australia.

If you have been following my INSTAGRAM you have seen some of these pictures. What you don't know is that I opened a Maxi Dress Store just for you. Please check HERE.

Walking here has been memorable. The colours and the trees took me far away from reality and I fell in a dream land, the type that can only be seen in fairy tales. 

There is a lot happening in this park. Walk is definitely my favourite, however this area is jam packed with all sort of sports. Here you will find a rugby field, skate park, bike riding, dog park and more. It is located right in the middle of a very busy area. Perfect for a escape.

 Hat HERE Sunglasses HERE Get 10% off use code poppyphotosbycris. 

Above high the trees was a pelican flying. I have never seen such a bird flying that high. To me it was a truly magic moment. 

I even had it featuring in a gorgeous A-Line dress HERE

After all that walking I decided to read under a tree and rest. I love reading and writing. I am also a writer, to find out more about my latest book please visit AMAZON


I love appreciating the small things in life. There is so much beauty around us. Just like this bracelet from Oasis Bracelets They travel the world looking for bracelets that tell the story of people from different cultures. The one I am wearing is handmade by Karen Thai Hill Tribe from Thailand. This tribe depends on their craft to survive. Every time someone buys a bracelet from 5% goes to the Global Conservation Fund to protect these communities natural asset.

In Pizzey Park you get to see Black Swans gliding on water with so much grace. 

Enjoy life!

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