Friday, 19 July 2019

Alchimie Forever - Because your Skin Deserves the Magic Touch of Love!

Alchimie Forever of Switzerland believes that "your skin is the mirror of your soul" and I totally agree with this statement. Loving and caring for your skin is as important as caring for your health. Your skin is a reflection of health, it also guards you against infections and protect your whole body. So make sure it is your number one priority! The products are dermatologist formulated and tested in Switzerland. It is Cruelty free and Vegan friendly. Sign up for the NEWSLETTER and get 15% off your purchase and join the ALCHIMIE FOREVER REWARDS POINTS

Alchimie Forever of Switzerland  was founded by world renowned cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Luigi Polla, MD more than 30 years ago. His expertise developed a brand that goes beyond skin care, it believes that caring for your skin is caring for yourself. A family owned business that believes in developing skin care products that go beyond caring for your skin and extends caring to responsible clean formulations that are paraben-free, gluten-free, cruelty-free (PETA and Leaping Bunny certified), phthalate-free, dye-free, soy-free and nut-free. The products are hypo-allergenic and non-comedogenic. 

Over the last few weeks I have tried three products all with anti aging benefits. Let me introduce you the first product the Kantic Brightening Moisture Mask When I first opened the container a delicious light scent of rainforest wild fruits and flowers came straight to my mind. I quickly read the ingredients and the reason for the fruity flowery delicious smell was because the formula carries European blueberries, wild pansies, oats, grapes and Vitamin E. This product is packed with natural goodness straight from our nature. 

The texture is creamy and light. It is a mask that can be used two ways, you can apply and leave it on your skin for 15 to 20 minutes or you can use it as an overnight mask. Well I loved the idea of leaving the product on my skin overnight and removing it in the morning. It is mess free, it absorbs fast and efficiently. It can be used once to twice weekly. It is a great product for dehydrated, red, irritated, dull skin. I did notice an amazing improvement on my skin, it had a brightening effect, leaving it soft and deeply hydrated. Please do check the Kantic Collection that consist of Brightening Moisture MaskKantic Calming CreamKantic+ Intensely Nourishing Cream

I have always been very careful on the way I look after my skin, from a very young age I was taught about the importance of looking after it. However, as I age my skin care routine becomes more and more a priority as I do care about how my overall health reflects on my appearance. Even though I try my best to protect my skin from the sun I have noticed appearance of pigmentation. It is not a surprise as I do spend a lot of time outdoors in my travels and natural light photoshoots. Incorporating a Pigment Lightening Serum to my routine made a huge difference. With a light scent of plants it harnesses the goodness of Citrus which is a powerful Vitamin C source, Green Tea that is packed with antioxidants, European Blueberry, jojoba, Vitamin E, and more. 

My skin has shown a visible improvement as pigmentations have started to fade away. It is bright, healthy and soft. It also prevents the formation of future brown spots appearance. As we all know prevention is better than treatment so my advice using a quality product on your skin before signs of unwanted pigmentation is truly important. It also works as an anti aging product that helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

To finalize my routine after using Pigment Lightening Serum  I apply the Protective Day Cream SPF 23 Also with a light scent of nature best ingredients this product is consists of European Blueberry, Jojoba, Edelweiss, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. It is a great product to apply by itself or under makeup. I have used it both ways and what makes me at peace is knowing that my skin is not only being cared for but also it is being protected against UV rays. 

Love the lightweight consistency of it, as well how it combines protection, moisturizer all while fighting the appearance of signs of skin aging. To me having a SPF in the daily moisturizer is important as well as making my skin care steps easier and faster. The risks of skin cancer is real and exposure to UV rays has to be taken seriously. 

Take Skin Care Seriously. Love yourself, care for yourself and make sure to use products that care for the ingredients used in the process of making skin care products. I highly recommend Alchimie Forever of Switzerland  and please do not forget to
Sign up for the NEWSLETTER to receive 15% off your purchase and join the ALCHIMIE FOREVER REWARDS POINTS

Wishing you all a wonderful day. 


Thursday, 4 July 2019

Avila - A World Without Limits

 When I think about discovery, travel and living an active life I think of an outfit that fits my world of adventures, fitness, fashion and comfort. In my recent trip to Lamington National Park I made sure to wear the right apparel. The star of this outfit is my BRIGHTON VEST BY AVILA

I am in different locations constantly and I love that I can wear clothes that are suitable for every season. This AVILA VEST is perfect to go hiking as it allows you to wear when is warm and also when the weather is cooler. It can be worn with long sleeves, short sleeves or even by itself. Perfect for hiking, walks, travel, shopping and so much more. It is also made with 100% organic cotton. Get 20% off use Code Cris20  Hurry offer applies for July only.

AVILA  is an ethical brand that makes comfortable clothes for women. The items are of high quality some made in Australia and some made in Fairtrade in India. The brand stands by sustainability. 

I spent a full day exploring this amazing National Park, and experienced different types of weather in one day, overcast, rain and sun. I was at all times comfortable at the same time feeling and looking great. The National Park is part of the Australia World Heritage with forests and incredible views.

I found some lookouts that were amazing, the endless views that stretched a long way of pure nature bliss.

My final stop was at O'Reillys area where is a great base to explore all around this park and it also offers entrances to walks to the forests and two waterfalls. My pick was to explore the Gondwana Rainforest. I have been exploring this area and I have not seen much yet because the National park covers an area of 206 Km Please read more about Fashion in the Mountains

Nothing like living the life you love, respecting our planet and supporting brands that are ethical. Let's continue increasing awareness of sustainable fashion and protecting the world we live in, so many more generations can enjoy this planet. We can all make a difference. 

              Please visit AVILA ATHLEISURE CLOTHING because it is time to explore and live a life without limits. Don't forget to Use Code Cris20 and get 20% off until the end of July.

Have a wonderful weekend.