Friday, 21 June 2019

Interview with Cris by Swarnaz

Not long ago I was interviewed by Swarnaz founder of Blog Swarnaz - Impossible is Nothing. It was a delight to work with this amazing woman who is an incredible blogger, a mother, and a beautfiul human being who like many of us are working tireless to achieve her dreams and grow professionally on what we love doing the most. Thank you Swarnaz for the amazing article and please do visit her page and get to know more about her work.


Sending my love to you and wishing you an incredible weekend. 



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Friday, 7 June 2019

Kate Kasin Translates You

I love to express myself in many ways. As we know communication goes above and beyond words,  in fact when we think of sending a message it is what you are wearing that sends the first information of who you are, how you feel on that day and how people will define you instantly without a word being said. Keeping that in mind you must find your visual voice through your style and find the right brand to be that bridge between you and the message you want to convey. I found the brand that can do it all for you KATE KASIN

I love all that sparkles and glows. It was easy to find a dress that fits me and my personality so well. Although I am a shy person I love to  make an impression when comes to fashion. Not so shy on the outside it balances my inner self. This ROSE GOLD SEQUINED EVENING DRESS speaks a thousand words. 

The elegant and classic design has an edgy touch defined by the glittering sequins that shines and brightens the look. 

Perfect for a prom, romantic evening, weddings, the list is endless. 

The romantic look makes a great outfit for a special occasion. 

This dress will turn heads and make an unforgettable memory where beauty and simplicity with a touch of ultra elegance is added by the design, cut and material. 

If you think that a dress like this is unaffordable, well think again because Kate Kasin Online Store not only has a stunning collection but it also offers all items that are of high quality for a very affordable price. This stunning dress costs $48.82 However, it gets better, because I have a 
30% off price after code: $34.18 USE Promo code: EVENDINGDS Only for you! 

For those days where dress to impress is a must KATE KASIN is here to support you. With a gorgeous collection of casual, casual chic, Boho, sport, etc... You will be able to set the tone in any occasion. My BODYCON LAYERED SLEEVES means business. Love this look that can take me from a meeting to a cocktail with the girls or the boys, really totally up to you. Either way it will not disappoint. It is casual chic at its best. 

I added this stunning FLORAL RUFFLED COAT to make sure I am comfortable adding a touch of spring and beauty to the monochrome outfit. Now a different look yet adorable. 

I wore these kicky outfits on my visit to Ocean Shores in New South Wales - Australia. A place where I will revisit as I discover amazing locations that literally takes my breathe away. This hidden gem is found in Brunswick Valley. It is only half an hour to the popular Byron Bay however I believe this place has so much to offer. The views, the river, the beaches and the natural surroundings. I love the lifestyle around this whole area, full of free spirit people who come here to get close and personal with nature. Follow my Travel Diary daily on my INSTAGRAM

Have a wonderful weekend. So what look translates you? Let me know in your comments below.