Thursday, 11 April 2019

Breakfast in Bed

Good morning lovelies,

Who does not love breakfast in bed? Well, I certainly do! Morning routines are important to get the day right from the very moment we open our eyes. Nothing worse than waking up feeling terrible. It can make your entire day very hard to cope with. My advice here is that you should prepare your day the night before. Starting with the right choice of PYJAMAS I chose a gorgeous Eyelash Lace Insert Leopard Cami Top and Shorts from SHEIN It is not only gorgeous but the stretchy fabric is just so comfortable. Comfort while sleeping is a must.

I also love how fashionable it is and you can also match bras or full lingerie set similar HERE with the hottest trendy at the moment - animal prints.

Now you wake up feeling and looking amazing it is time to have breakfast. I cannot start my day without breakfast I wake up feeling hungry. It is the time of the day I eat the most and I am glad because it give me the energy boost I need and allow me to burn it throughout the day. I cannot function well without breakfast and you should not skip breakfast, in fact eating throughout the day small amounts of food, but frequently helps your metabolism. So try to incorporate it to your daily routine and make good choices on what you are eating. Trust me you will not feel hungry, you will feel great and your body will thank you.

Do you like eating breakfast? What is your morning routine like? Please feel free to add any tips in the comments below. I am looking forward to reading them. Have a wonderful day!