Sunday, 8 December 2019

Ghostmoon - Bags Out of this Planet

Welcome to planet GHOSTMOON. The amazing super cool stylish totes that are eco friendly fun and above all functional. I mean it. Ghostmoon was created inspired by the words of  COMMANDER HALBERT DOOLEY who pleaded to all of us human beings living in this planet to be more conscious about the need to look after Earth our only planet that is screaming for help and we must start listening and we must start doing something about it. All of us, it is our responsibility, it is our duty to maintain and care for the future generations to enjoy it the same way we do. 


The Ghostmoon Philosophy has taken the challenge to start a movement by creating TOTE BAGSBACKPACKSJUTE BAGS and SHOULDER BAGS that are made with natural, organic and recycled materials. 

Plus when you purchase a stunning bag from Ghostmoon you can be assured that you are contributing to change the way we wear fashion. Because 10% of your purchase will go straight to ONE GREEN PLANET A platform that is teaching and encouraging all of us to have a minimum impact on the planet. Every decision we make even a small one can make a huge difference and together we can reverse global warming we can help this planet to become healthy again and we can be the impact and the change we want to see. 

Nothing like having so much fun saving the planet, being conscious about our impact as well as playing with fashion. Below there are three ways you can wear the SHOULDER BAG Here I photographed it in three different ways, however the way you can use it is endless because they clip, unclip, add straps, no straps so I will not give you any more ideas because I want you to play with it.

 The TOTE BAGS and the SHOULDER BAGS have zippers which I love. I don't have to worry about losing anything especially going to the gym, hiking, meeting with friends and so on. The size is perfect! You can fit a lot of items in them.

The BACKPACKS  do not have zippers but when you pull the strings they close tightly and nicely I love them for a day on the beach to hiking to gym and they allow me to be hands free. They come in a perfect size and the designs of every single bag are so much fun. 

This GHOSTMOON JUTE BAG will definitely be my number one go to bag for those casual looks that need a statement item to make any outfit an eye catcher. Who said they are only good for groceries shopping?  Well, I love mine and I will be taking it out with me everywhere. Love this bag.

So let's not forget when about to purchase an item that we need to think first on what we can do to use and reuse items that are focus on sustainable fashion. Because without our conscious actions today we may never have tomorrow.

I wish you all a wonderful weekend.