Sunday, 30 September 2018

A Walk in the Park with JisonCase

Happy new week to you all. How have you been? How was your weekend?

Mine was relaxing as I took some time to go for a walk around the Gold Coast Botanical Gardens wearing my brand new super gorgeous accessory, the leather multifunction shoulder bag from  JISONCASE    Please      USE CODE JS32826 TO GET 15% OFF DISCOUNT WHEN YOU CHECK OUT. 

As I walked freely appreciating my surroundings I felt super comfortable knowing that my money and phone were protected plus this beautiful shoulder bag is light and come in a variety of colours.

Nothing like a stroll in the park to reenergise and watch the wild life. Love this park and the views are amazing. Here you will find lakes, trees, sculptures, flowers, bamboos, and even a café with delicious treats.

Now why do I love the JISONCASE BAG  so much? First because it is super stylish and beautiful, plus it can hold your phone and it works as a shoulder bas as well as clutch bag.

This bag also has a wallet design with multi card slots inside and cash compartments and space for coins as well.

It has a snap button on the outside making it so easy to open and close the phone case. 

It comes in five colours: black, silver, blue, pink and red

So here is my tip, don't go anywhere without the new JISONCASE MULTIFUNCTION SHOULDER BAG and don't forget to 

USE CODE JS32826 to get 15% OFF discount when you check out.

Have an awesome week everyone! 



Sunday, 23 September 2018

Discovering Albert Park

Hello my lovely friends,

Welcome to my backyard. Albert Park is not far away from where I live and the more I come here the more I discover amazing new views that it was once not seen. So much beauty around us is ignored if only we took a moment to appreciate our surroundings we would notice a world of fascinating landscapes, micro wonders and so much more. I am wearing my inspiration top from my Signature Collection Zazzle by PhotosbyCris Designs Shorts from BOOMOUTLET Use code PHOTOSBYCRIS in any item and get 10% off your purchase Sunglasses from POPPYAPPAREL Shop any item in PoppyApparel and get 10% off your next purchase Use Code PoppyPhotosbyCris.

Nothing like walking among giants although I look small I feel strong as they are. 

Here is a thought: write your own story and do not allow anyone to review it for you. 

Hold on tight to your heart wishes. Don't let fear get in the way. Be brave to let go if it is not right. 

This park is an amazing place to de-stress, ride a bike, go for a walk, walk the dog, breathe in some fresh air and truly enjoy your surroundings. In this location there is also a lake to sit by and have a picnic.

Conclusion: Everything changes when you decide to be happy. If it is hard to find reasons to be happy just look around you as there are so many reasons surrounding you right now. Water Bottle from my Signature Collection ZAZZLE BY PHOTOSBYCRIS DESIGNS

Happy New Week to you all.



LOCATION: Albert Park - Gold Coast, Qld Australia
Photography by PhotosbyCris Designs
Model Cris by PhotosbyCris

Monday, 10 September 2018

Photographing at Nobby Beach

Happy New Week from Nobby Beach

I would like to share with you this photoshoot. I chose this beautiful location called Nobby Beach where you can find out more about below because first let's talk about my gorgeous swimwear from CHOIES I love the way this swimsuit fits plus the stunning cut out details make it so special. This white plunge swimwear will be a sensational piece for your next sea escape.  


Nobby Beach is a Gold Coast trendy beach surrounded by cafes, restaurants and boutiques. The beach itself has a beautiful mix of vegetation and gold sand follow by a pristine blue sea water. The blue sky above me was perfect on this day. 

Now let's talk about Passions. I have  many passions in my life, however my very first passion in life was Photography. When I was 4 years old I remember being fascinated by cameras. I used to be in front cameras for many years while modelling until I found myself behind it and I discovered a whole new world.

Nobby Beach has a unique appearance with green and gold visibly clashing. The visual impact is instant and the contrasts among blue, gold and green completes the natural art of the landscape.

People often ask how I got into Photography. As soon as my novel One Way Trip was released I started taking landscape photos to prepare a book trailer and I fell in love with it and I have not stopped since. Become a writer was a dream that turned into passion.

Choies Swimsuit / Sunglasses Similar HERE

Here in Nobby Beach you will find a variety of activities to enjoy such as swim, surf, dine, shop, relax, ride a bike, have a picnic with friends, or even cook a barbeque. A perfect location to enjoy the Australian lifestyle.

Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice and above all don't let anyone limit your dreams - Donovan Bailey And this is what I had to do. Trust me follow your heart so you don't lose yourself. And because we are talking about dreams I will share with you another dream that turned into passion that turned into work My Signature Collection that you can find in 
PhotosbyCris Designs  where I design fashion and home décor with my photography This beautiful 

Cashmere Modal Scarf will add a touch of luxury and modern elegance to your wardrobe.


Moogerah By Photosbycris

Designed By: Photosbycris Designs   |  Australia

What is your passion?



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