Sunday, 22 September 2019

Stepping Back in Time with Kate Kasin

Let's rewind and time travel to over 100 years ago with the glitz and glamour of my SEXY SEQUIN DEEP V-NECK PARTY DRESS from KATE KASIN 

Over 100 years ago, sequin dresses were not yet something women would dream of wearing, however I decided to get in a time machine dressed in a beautiful sequin dress and take the glamour to a very different era where I managed to contrast the past with the lifestyle of the nowadays fashionistas. From the time of corsets which thanks to Coco Chanel we no longer are wearing as an everyday item, we women have come a long way and fought for our rights and freedom. We conquered the right to wear whatever we want and we no longer need to ride horses sitting with both legs to one side because we can wear pants. We have conquered so much, and yet we still need to continuously fight for our rights to be met, as we are not quite there yet. 

Also so many other things happened back then and "We are not in Kansas anymore" yes we are not. I am actually at The Bearded Dragon Hotel in Tambourine Mountain where I visited and in the 1900 The Magic of Oz book by L. Frank Baum was released. 

In 1918 the First World War ended. 

Birth control was a new topic.

In America The Prohibition took place and nobody could sell alcohol.

I am so glad that many of the changes are positive and we are now able to wear sequinned clothes. It just feels like we walk around being showered by diamonds. 

Ready to sparkle? Take the opportunity to get ready for the festive season that is fast approaching and get my dress HERE 

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Please feel free to add more facts to the changes we had in the last 100 years, I would love to read in the comments below. 

Have a wonderful week



Saturday, 14 September 2019

Celebrating Life and Happiness with GirlMerry

We should celebrate life everyday! With life comes little moments that are unforgettable and precious! Every step creates a path full of memories shaped by adventures! 

And speaking about happiness and celebration I would like to wish GIRLMERRY a big HAPPY 10TH ANNIVERSARY! A wonderful online shop that has the most amazing WHOLESALE DRESSES and Cheap Sexy Dresses HERE that are going to make you look like a million dollar. 

Talking about a million dollar look, these swimsuits SWIMWEAR 1 and  SWIMWEAR 2 will do just that!

I celebrate every day the sunshine that warms my skin, that makes me feel alive! The cool water of  the endless blue sea that I am able to contemplate everyday. 

I am grateful to be able to freely explore natural surroundings that are gifts from heaven. Just like this beautiful location in Paradise Point on the Gold Coast, Qld - Australia. 

Understand the lows is a way to make us aware of how much we should appreciate the highs. 

Celebrate you because you are amazing in your own unique way. 

I celebrate the opportunity to be able to open my eyes every morning knowing that each day brings endless possibilities.

I am so grateful to be able to let go all the bad and the things that held me down and I am so happy that my future holds endless possibilities of fulfilment and happiness. I look forward to a future full of wonders.

I celebrate my health, my real wealth as it gives me wings to chase my wild dreams. 

I celebrate Spring, a season of blooming flowers that after a hard winter everything flourishes transforming nature into a real masterpiece. 

And speaking of masterpiece my GORGEOUS RED DRESS is nothing less than a product of Fashion Art at its best. Location 2 is the beautiful Harry Bond Park, Gold Coast, Qld - Australia.

I celebrate and I am grateful to have you my amazing readers that support me and read my articles and leave heart warming comments. THANK YOU!


Now it is your turn. Please leave a comment below and let me know what you celebrate, what makes you happy and feeling alive. 

Happy Spring/Autumn!