Friday, 24 May 2019

Kahuna - Get the Surf Look On and Off the Board

Nothing makes me more thrilled than being among natural surroundings. I pay respect and appreciation to our planet and to our nature. I believe that there is a higher connection between humans and everything that nature offers us. Similar beliefs can be seeing in many cultures, and as an example according to Wikipedia the Hawaiians in the past would pray to gods with the help of KAHUNA (priest) to deliver great surf. With the respect for the environment and a deep connection with the spirit of surf a brand was born - KAHUNA

KAHUNA is an online Surf Brand that creates apparel based on Surf History and has an incredible collection of  stylish HOODIES, awesome T-SHIRTS, cool HATS and so much more. You can now enjoy a stylish surf look and a 15% discount on any item Use Code 2MENN9D9 So please Get the KAHUNA LOOK today and dive in a world of adventures. Because this planet is too amazing to be unnoticed. 

Get the KAHUNA  Surf Look and enjoy life looking amazing on and off the board. 

Have an awesome day!


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Friday, 10 May 2019

Grayson Monáe Flats: Because looking and feeling gorgeous should never be uncomfortable!

Life is so beautiful and so challenging at times. We need to get ready everyday to chase our dreams because every step towards happiness counts. Dreams make who we are and achieving them fulfill our lives. Nothing is more important than never give up on what we believe and never ever think about not pursuing your most daring wishes. 

With Dream Chasers in mind BLUE DAISY by GRAYSON MONÁE was created! 

BLUE DAISY  are flats designed with Grayson Monáe's signature leather. When I received my flats I opened the box and I thought WOW! They are stunning! The beautiful blue colour and the hand embroidering with sparkling pearls make these flats more than just shoes. In my opinion they are ShoeArt! It does not end here, the soles are padded and I noticed it straight away when I put them on. The comfort they give is not comparable to any other flats I have owned. 

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 Get ready to live the life you deserve and look your best BECAUSE LOOKING AND FEELING GORGEOUS SHOULD NEVER BE UNCOMFORTABLE. Are you ready to conquer the world? So start here with the right pair of flats the BLUE DAISY by GRAYSON MONÁE 

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Have a wonderful day 

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